During 2021, we are going to find several decoration trends that continue to be widely used, such as the Nordic style, or others that have been with us for a short time but that have been perfectly adapted to the tastes and needs of the current public, such as Japandi trend or the importance of organizing our paintings on the wall.

En La Pajarita We have several product ranges that will help you adapt your home to the trend you want, easily, quickly and cheaply.

Here we leave you some tips to achieve it!

Nordic style

First of all, we will focus on the Nordic style, an old style known to everyone but that has been adapted to this year's trends such as the use of neutral and earth colors, rattan and wicker furniture and elements or "urban jungles."

Nordic decoration

Thanks to the Deco range we can adapt our house through several options.

-Adapt our furniture to these more neutral and earth tones, with the soft tones of the Eggshell Paint.

-Customize wicker or rattan elements with cold tones of Chalk o Matt Paint.

-Get a cement/industrial effect in our pots that will stand out within your decoration of white and cold tones.


Japandi style

An evolution of the Nordic trend is the “Japandi” trend, which combines elements of Japanese minimalist decoration with Nordic decoration.

This minimalism forces us to choose exactly which are the few colors that we can apply in the different environments of a home.

Among them, the combination between wood and black, white and gray tones, along with other neutral tones, allow us to achieve the balance between tranquility, large spaces and natural elements.


Our paintings help you customize the cushions with Fabric Paint or neutralize the bright colors of your decorative elements with our range Matt Paint.

Turn your home into a highly decorated space!

Composition of paintings on the wall

Finally, along with the selection (or renovation) of furniture, when we decorate a space it is very important to carefully select what elements we are going to use on our walls.

One of the latest developments in wall decoration are picture compositions, which offer us infinite combinations: uniform rows, different sizes... or even in Tetris format!


With Photo Transfer, we can download images of a specific style, print them with a laser printer and transfer them to our canvases, sheets or wooden blocks, as we show you in this video:


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