A new course always begins with new purposes, ideas and aspirations.

The purpose of this year of The Jar of Ideas was clear: Give color and create a unique workspace adapted to your taste.

In simple and quick steps, you have managed to transform your workspace using the products of La Pajarita.

Keep reading and discover how he achieved it!

Decorative elements for desktop

The first phase of the project focuses on adding the first decorative elements and creating a blackboard where we can write down everything we need:

To get the letter with a vintage effect he used Chalk Paint Almost Black Spray as a basis.

After, the Gold Metallic Wax has allowed you, through the use of a cloth, to create that worn effect in minutes.

It is important to apply the wax gently and control the amount we collect with the cloth so as not to apply this product excessively.

Then, with the same Spray, he painted the base and headboard of this lamp to combine the elements of his space.

Desktop customization - Pinturas La Pajarita

Mix the components of the Chalkboard Paint for Marker well and in a controlled manner.

Later, with the Chalkboard Paint for Marker Pen has achieved this organizational space on the wall of the work area itself.

It is important to follow the recommendations in the video to ensure that the components mix well and are applied correctly.

This will allow you to draw and erase everything that comes to mind: calendars, tasks, lists,...

To delimit it, they have placed these small wooden blocks and glued them with easy-glue strips to the wall.

Blackboard on wall - Pinturas La Pajarita

Customize a chest of drawers

The next step is customization using Chalk Paint Spray from an office drawer:

Take out the drawers, paint each one of them, along with the structure of the drawer, and place small organizational papers to organize yourself.

The best thing about drawers is that they allow us to place decorative elements, such as books or plants, on the top part, and reduce the space used for office supplies.

The final touch to your workspace

To finish off the decoration of your workspace, El Jarro de Ideas has carried out two different techniques:

The decoration of the indoor pots has been done using Cement Paint differently:

-For the small jars, he has mixed the paint with coffee beans to give a rougher and more pronounced texture.

-For the main pot, the mixture between Cement Paint and acrylic blacks and whites has allowed it to obtain a different tone and to your liking.

Lastly, it has also customized its candles and supports with Chalk Paint, colors Agave y White Cotton.