The month of October is filled with autumn and Halloween decorations. The decoration of the front door is the first impression of your guests, make sure to impress them! We give you the best ideas to decorate doors for Halloween.

Personalized Doormat

Customizing an original doormat is an impressive way to decorate this Halloween

A unique doormat is the perfect start to your Halloween decoration. Why not try this simple, economical and very original DIY? Follow these simple steps.

One of the essential materials to decorate your doors on Halloween is Satin Paint

Necessary materials:


  1. Prepare the Design: Draw your design before you start painting.
  2. Paint the Design: Use the satin paint to fill in the designated areas. Make sure you apply an even coat and let it dry completely. Remember that since it is a porous surface, the doormat will absorb more paint than normal.
  3. Fine Details: Once the base paint is dry, you can add details with other colors.

Decorate doors for Halloween: Spooky Garlands and Wreaths

Garlands and wreaths are a great way to add a festive touch to your door. Use dried branches, autumn leaves, and spooky elements like bats, spiders, and skulls to create a memorable impression.

Dark Illumination

decoration for halloween original lighting

Add a mysterious touch with strategic lighting in windows facing the street or in the hall. Place pumpkin lanterns or fake candles to create a haunted atmosphere after dark.

Decorate with Cobwebs and Spiders

This Halloween decorates with elements such as spider webs

Fake cobwebs and plastic spiders are essential elements for any Halloween decoration. Hang them around the door and windows for a truly spooky touch.

Decorate doors for Halloween: Creepy Signs and Posters

Post signs with messages like “Go ahead if you dare!” or “Beware of ghosts.” You can use gothic fonts and fake blood for an extra touch of horror.

Sound Details

Add a spooky soundtrack to create a multi-sensory experience. The sounds of murmuring, devilish laughter and rustling can add an extra touch of excitement!

With these ideas on how to decorate doors for Halloween, your entrance will be ready to scare anyone who approaches. Remember, the key is creativity and letting your imagination run wild. Have a spooky and fun-filled Halloween!