Decorating your home economically is possible by reusing elements, making crafts or renewing your furniture. If you use your creativity you will achieve an incredible change in your home without the need for a large investment. Discover with us the different tips to decorate your home economically!

Give new life to your decoration

Before buying new furniture or accessories, look around your house for what you have and think about how you can reuse it in your decoration. Some of the ideas to reuse your decoration:

Renew your home clothes

You can give it a new style by customizing it with our Canvas Painting, thus personalizing your cushion covers, placemats or even sheets. You can also use our Medium Textil which will allow you to make all your water paint compatible with the fabric. Now that we are in spring, we recommend that you use trend colors or even the color Boho Strawberry which is a trend this year 2023. Don't hesitate to do it. You'll love it!

Change the location of your furniture

Sometimes, simply by changing the location of the furniture you can give your home a fresh and completely renewed look. Finding a new space for our furniture can be a simple and effective way to improve your home by giving free rein to your creativity.

Recycle your glass jars

Empty glass jars can be reused, giving them a new use as vases, candle holders or storage jars, among others. Using our Laca Crystal You will turn them into unique and special decoration objects. Another idea that is being used a lot is the use of blackboard paintinga to paint a stripe on the jars and be able to write the name of the contents of the jar with our Chalk Marker. In the following video you can see a great idea to customize your glass jars.

Paint the furniture

If you have old, worn-out furniture or you're simply tired of it, you can give it a new life with our wide range of colors. Chalk Paint. Painting allows you to personalize your furniture and make it more in line with your style and decoration. In the following video you can see the great change of some bedside tables with the Linen color.

Reuse decoration elements

It is time to reuse the items you have at home, restoring or polishing them, thus giving them a new look. The flower pots in our home do not usually have much prominence, so if we personalize them they can become a very attractive decorative piece that adds color and style to the room.

Decorate with plants

Using plants in your decoration is an incredible way to give a natural and fresh touch to any room in your home. You can use plants that have colorful flowers so that your house has a spring style. If you are looking to create a more relaxed atmosphere anywhere in your house, use plants such as lavender or jasmine.

Are you ready to start creating? Remember that decorating your house does not involve a large investment of money!