A change in decoration in spring is a way to welcome the new season and refresh the home after winter. We leave cold tones aside to make way for warm, earthy colors. A palette that creates an optimistic feeling in the environment around us. The colors associated with spring are vibrant, happy and full of energy. They are inspired by the flora and fauna that blooms during this time of year. Discover with us the decoration and interior design trends in 2023 and incorporate them into your home.

Decoration and interior design trends 2023: Use of striking colors

By striking colors we mean those that add a touch of energy and vitality to your space. Among these we find pink, yellow and blue. The brightest and most striking tones such as Horizon Blue, Dijon and Sea Skin They are in fashion this season. On the other hand, this year Viva Magenta has been chosen as the color of the year by Pantone and within our range of colors we find el Strawberry Boho that reminds us of him. You can include it in your home by painting and giving a second life to your furniture and decorative objects, don't hesitate for a second to be up to date!

Eye-catching color decoration

Decoration and interior design trends 2023: Use of green tones

One of the most representative colors of spring is green, which symbolizes the freshness and vitality of nature and is a trend this season in all its shades. Dark green tones such as Agave Green or Bamboo Green add depth and sophistication to spaces. Soft green tones like Mint or Basil They are also popular for creating a relaxed and natural atmosphere in the home.

Eye-catching color decoration

Decoration and interior design trends 2023: Use of pastel colors

Pastel colors are characterized by their low level of saturation and are very popular in decoration due to their ability to create a soft and relaxed atmosphere. If you paint any of your furniture or accessories you will be able to add color to your room in a subtle way. We recommend that you use colors like Nude, Pink Caprice, Apple Green or Crystal Blue. These tones are very versatile and can be combined with each other or with darker tones to create contrasts and depth in the interior design.

Pastel color decoration

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