small space decoration

Many times, in our homes, we find small corners that do not seem to have a clear purpose. It can be that space under the stairs, the nook by the window or even the area in the corner of a room. Instead of ignoring them, let's bring them to life! Follow these decorating tips for small spaces, take advantage because these have incredible potential to become functional and aesthetically attractive areas.

Inspiration: plan your vision

decoration inspiration

Before you dive into the project, take the time to explore ideas and find the right inspiration for your small space. Then plan the colors, textures and decorative elements that align with your vision. Color choice is crucial to transforming any space. Opt for light colors like Linen o Moka of the Decocasa line, if you are looking to visually expand the area. Pastel and neutral tones are ideal for creating a calm and cozy atmosphere. Do you want something bolder? Go for vibrant, contrasting colors to add a touch of personality! You can try a tone like Mint.

Decoration of small spaces: Functional and modular furniture

When decorating small spaces, functionality is key. Opt for modular furniture that adapts to the available space. Floating shelves, folding tables and multifunctional furniture can turn an empty corner into a work, reading, storage area or even a small corner to enjoy a coffee. Consider customizing your furniture to maximize storage space by using Chalk Paint, boxes or even create functional floating shelves yourself to organize household objects.

Decorative details: Transform with personal touches


Small details can make a difference to the decoration of your small spaces. Add colorful cushions, designer lamps or decorative elements that reflect your personal style. Don't be afraid to experiment with textures and patterns to bring the new space to life. Mirrors are also great for creating the illusion of a larger space and reflecting natural light. You can incorporate small plants or flowers to add freshness and vitality to the space.

Strategic lighting: Create unique environments


The right lighting can completely transform a space. Use wall lamps, recessed lights or even string lights to create a cozy atmosphere. Play with lighting to highlight key points and make the space appear larger. Consider installing LED lights on shelves or corners to add a modern and functional touch.

You can use recessed ceiling lights to evenly distribute light throughout the space. String lights can add a romantic touch, while dimmable lamps allow you to adjust the intensity depending on the occasion.

Decorating small spaces: Projects to inspire you

Take a look at @inihomedeco's transformation in their laundry room. This idea can help you get inspired and give new life to your space. With the help of Chalk Paint in Mocha tone and floating shelves, it has managed to give functionality to this corner of your home.

Now that you have the inspiration and the plan, it's time to get to work. Don't underestimate the power of a good coat of paint and the personal touch you can add to these forgotten corners. Transform your home, give life to small spaces!