Are you looking for a way to give a unique and modern touch to your home? The metallic paint It is an excellent option to achieve this. Also, if you like the industrial style, you're in luck. In this article, we will explore everything about decorating with metallic paint to achieve the much desired industrial style in your home.

Metallic Paint

Paint Metallic Paint de La Pajarita allows you to decorate your home with reflections and metallic details with which to achieve a trendy industrial style

Metallic painting is a technique that adds a shiny, reflective finish to surfaces, imitating the look of metals. Our painting Metallic Paint It allows you to achieve a trendy industrial style in gold, silver, copper, bronze or champagne tones that allow you to create unique and different spaces thanks to its versatility. It is very easy to apply since it does not leave a brush mark, it has high coverage and adhesion. In addition, it is very resistant to the passage of time and humidity.

The charm of industrial style

The industrial decoration style is a trend

The industrial style is characterized by its raw and urban appearance, inspired by old factories and warehouses. Elements such as metal, concrete and worn wood are fundamental in this style, creating spaces with a modern and robust air.

How to Incorporate Metallic Paint into Industrial Style

Incorporate metallic paint into decorative objects and small-format furniture

One of the most effective ways to integrate metallic paint into the industrial style is by applying it to decorative elements and furniture. For example, you can paint your metal furniture with a metallic finish to highlight its industrial look. We recommend you choose medium or small size furniture to start with discreet touches. If it is new furniture, remember to paint it before assembling it. You can also use metallic paint on accessories such as candles, lamps or mirror frames. We love it when the total look is achieved with the same color as the furniture. Also, how about recycling objects you have around the house and giving them a new life? Creativity has no limits!

How to paint with Metallic Paint

Apply the metallic paint with a brush or sponge, it is very easy to use.

You can use a brush, it is very easy to paint since this paint does not leave brush stroke marks. Also, you can choose to paint with a sponge. On porous surfaces we recommend applying a first coat of Pore Filler Varnish. On difficult surfaces such as iron or plastic, it is advisable to use a layer of Primer. Also, if it is a piece of furniture that is going to be used a lot, use one of our varnishes for extra protection.

Decoration with metallic paint is a trend

Dare to experiment with decorating with metallic paint and discover how you can transform your home with an industrial style full of style and personality!