Customize a wooden tray with Decorative Napkins thanks to Decoupage Glue and protect the surface with Epoxy Resin tinted with Crystal Lacquer.

We show you how!

1. We cut the napkin into irregular pieces

This will allow us to make a unique pattern and choose the points on the tray where each of the pieces looks best.

Decoupage Napkin

2. We apply the Decoupage Glue

The first layer of Decoupage Glue must be spread evenly over the entire surface and, once achieved, we glue the pieces on top of the surface.

We let it dry for an hour and then apply the second layer of Glue.

This second layer definitively fixes the decorative motifs to the surface of the tray.

Decoupage Glue Applied

3. We prepare the Epoxy Resin mixture – Finish Glass

It is essential to mix two parts of the component A for one of the component B.

Once both components have been poured, we make sure to mix the components well in the container.

To achieve the result we want, follow the following steps:

-Pour the two components almost immediately, with the shortest separation time possible.

-Mix gently but constantly for at least 5 minutes to ensure that the mixture has been done correctly.

-It is important that we try to capture all the remains of components that may have adhered to the surface where we make the mixture.

-If possible, once the mixture is complete, pour it into another container. This will prevent any particles that have not been mixed 100% from entering the resin pour.

Epoxy Resin Mixture

4. We dye the mixture with Crystal Lacquer

We add a few drops of Crystal Lacquer to tint the epoxy resin and mix the contents again.

Depending on the amount of Hairspray that we add to the mixture, the tone will be more transparent or more opaque.

5. We pour the mixture onto the decorated tray

Once we have achieved the desired tone for the Finish Glass, we slowly pour the resulting mixture onto the tray and let it spread over the surface.

Epoxy Resin Pour

El Finish Glass It is self-leveling and will allow you to evenly cover the base of the tray without much effort.

Let dry and enjoy your creation! You have already finished this great project!

Decoupage Tray with Epoxy Resin and Crystal Lacquer

We recommend that if during the drying time you notice that small bubbles have been created in your resin, you explode them with a sharp element.