Finding the right colors to personalize a home is not easy.

Combine your personal tastes with design trends, with the colors that are already in the room, ... and let's not talk about if more than one person is involved in the process.

Therefore, in La Pajarita We want to help you and we show you what are the trend colors for this fall/winter and what products you can use to paint the furniture in your kitchen, bedroom, living room,…

We have chosen 4 colors from the Pantone range that you can use to decorate your house in these cold seasons and change the style of your home.

Pantone Color 13-0647 –Illuminating

The first color is one of the colors of the year: Illuminating.


This striking color will allow you to generate a feeling of life and evoke the strength of the sun's rays in times when we cannot enjoy it as much.

Painting your furniture with this powerful yellow ensures a dynamic and positive environment.

How to get it? You can use the Lemon color from the range Matt Paint.


Along with the characteristics of Iluminating, the advantages of the range Matt Paint They will allow you to achieve distinction, personality and elegance thanks to its subtle matte finish.

We advise you to combine it with another of the 2021 colors, Pantone's Ultimate Gray.

Pantone Color 19-3838 Rhodonite

Few colors can give a feeling of elegance and high design like Rhodonite.


Its purple tones give a feeling of darkness and serenity and can be combined very easily with neutral tones such as white, gray and other shades of blue.

How to get it? We recommend two different finishes:

The brilliant one, with Gloss Paint Ocean, highlights any element or furniture in a room. Paint your nightstands to be the center of your bedroom decor or a dresser to highlight a wall in your dining room or living room.


The mate, with Matt Paint Deep Blue, which will help you elevate the style of any room in your house.

Pantone Color 18-0527 Olive Branch

This olive green color is reminiscent of the muted tones of autumn and is perfect for rustic or classic rooms.


Its use together with other muted colors, among which we would highlight low intensity browns and purples, manages to evoke growth, peace and can be used during all seasons of the year.

How to get it? The tone Bamboo Green de Chalk Paint It ensures a result very similar to Olive Branch and, thanks to its quick application, we can change the style of any room in a very short time.


Pantone Color 13-003 Perfectly Pale

Last but not most important, we present to you the color Perfectly Pale, a perfect marriage between eggshell and cream.


Its silkiness and beauty allow it to be applied in almost all rooms and to paint your kitchen furniture, bedrooms, living rooms,...

How to get it? He Chalk Paint Nude It is the perfect paint to achieve this soft tone that fits so well in children's rooms, offices or offices.


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