Halloween is approaching, the perfect season to let your creativity fly and decorate your home in a spooky way! In La Pajarita We understand how important it is to have fresh and exciting ideas for the holidays. Therefore, we have put together different Halloween decoration tips to give your home a scary but charming look.

unusual colors

Halloween decoration, pumpkins painted with metallic paint

Every October, Halloween decorations abound with the typical colors...orange, purple, red... Why not opt ​​this year for different colors that give sophistication to your home?

Color whiteAlthough not traditionally associated with Halloween, it can add a unique dimension to your decor. It represents purity and simplicity, and when combined with unusual colors such as the palette Chalk Paint Smoked Malva, or the Sunset, can create a stunning contrast that brings a surprising elegance to your space.

El bamboo green It brings a feeling of freshness and renewal to any space. If you're looking to escape the traditional darkness of Halloween, this color is versatile and combines wonderfully with other colors such as white, for an elegant and pure aesthetic, or with orange for a sophisticated touch.

El black It never goes out of style, and this Halloween, we dressed it up with gold details for an extra dose of sophistication. Opt for a black background on your walls and add touches of gold on picture frames and furniture. To achieve this effect, do not hesitate to use our Metallic Paint. This bold contrast infuses elegance into the darkness, creating a luxurious and mysterious atmosphere.

The fluorine colors They fill your home with energy and, if you combine them with other more neutral ones, the result is spectacular!

Original Halloween decoration ideas: Sweet table

Rustic halloween table decoration

If you opt for a rustic and stylish centerpiece, you can use accessories such as tree branches, candelabras, small painted pumpkins on plates or painted tableware.

Presentation is essential. Use stands of different heights to display your sweets and desserts attractively. Additionally, add themed decorative elements, such as pumpkins, chocolate skulls, or even a sugar spider web.

Don't forget the fine details, like labels to describe each dessert or signage with spooky names for your sweets. The blackboard effect paint It's perfect for creating custom labels and adding that finishing touch to your table.

How to give a plus to your Halloween table: Recipes

Halloween decoration of hot drinks for the sweet table.

To give your Halloween table a plus, you can innovate with some Halloween-themed recipes. You don't need very elaborate creations, but rather small creative touches in your kitchen. We suggest you decorate the hot drinks that you start to crave at this time of year, as well as the rest of the dishes. You will only need small decorative elements that you can buy at any bazaar.

How to decorate the entrance of your home with autumn style

Autumn style Halloween door decoration

The front door of the house is usually the center of attention on Halloween. You can opt for a more childish decoration such as creating a crime scene or a path of skulls or for a more discreet and elegant decoration, such as garlands, wooden elements or natural fibers.

You already have some keys that will make the Halloween decoration of your home super special, don't miss our Instagram profile. We have many surprises prepared!