Easter is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than by making a DIY Easter egg? We guide you and give you ideas on how to decorate Easter eggs through simple steps so that you can obtain a masterpiece. Prepared?

how to decorate easter eggs

You will need the following materials:

  1. Boiled eggs
  2. Paintings acrylics o satin de La Pajarita
  3. Pencil
  4. Brushes
  5. Brush cleaner
  6. Paper or cardboard to cover the surface where you are going to paint.

Once you have all the material gathered and the area where you are going to work is ready, all you have to do is let your imagination flow. We tell you step by step how to decorate Easter eggs.

1. Prepare the work area

Before you start painting, make sure that the work area where you are going to paint is a clean and comfortable space for you. Put paper or cardboard under the eggs to avoid staining the surface you are going to work on.

preparing to paint easter eggs

2. Clean and prepare the Easter eggs

Wash the eggs that you are going to paint to remove any remains and dirt that they may have. To do this, you can use Aquaclean. Once clean, dry them carefully and when they are completely dry, you can start painting.

3. How to apply paint on Easter eggs

Choose your favorite color Super Acrylic o Satin Paint and start painting. Our paints are miscible with each other, so you can create the color you like the most. You can use a paint palette to make the mixtures. Help yourself with a brush like the Stencil brush n.02 to obtain a perfect result.

paint easter egg

4. Tips to beautify your Easter eggs

You can use our Metallc Paint o Fluorescent Paint to give much more life to your creation, or you can also use them to perform painting techniques, such as stippling, blending and using stencils. Don't be afraid to explore!

techniques for decorating easter eggs

5. Drying time and finishing touches

Once you have finished painting your Easter eggs, let them dry completely and once dry, you can add finishing touches such as some varnish to give it more durability, remember that you can use varnish with gloss finish or matt varnish.

drying for easter eggs

Now that you know how to decorate an Easter egg, enjoy the process and don't forget to share it on your networks by mentioning us to see the great result you have obtained. Happy Easter!