We know that the cement effect is a trend, so in this blog we are going to teach you how to give your objects this finish that is so fashionable. In three simple steps, you can give your decorations a modern look that you will love.

To be able to create this effect that is so fashionable this season, you will need:

  • Cement Effect Paint
  • Dense sandstone paste
  • Pallet
  • Object to paint
  • mixing bowl
  • foam sponge
  • Chalk Paint
how to get the cement effect

Mix the Sandstone Paste with the Cement Effect Paint

To achieve an authentic cement finish, the first step is to mix the Sandstone Paste with painting Cement Effect de Pinturas La Pajarita. This combination will give the painted surface exceptional texture and realism.

Start by pouring the Sandstone Paste into a clean container and adding the Cement Effect. The proportion can vary depending on the level of texture you prefer. Make sure to mix well until the sandstone is completely integrated with the paint, stirring until you obtain a homogeneous mixture.

cement effect mixture with sandstone paste

Apply the mixture with a trowel

Once you have the mixture ready, it is time to apply it to the object you have decided to transform. To obtain a perfect finish, we give you some recommendations:

First, thoroughly clean the surface you are going to paint, making sure it is free of dust. Then, with a pallet, apply the paint and sandstone mixture in even layers. Don't worry if the first layer doesn't cover completely, you can add a second.

paint cement effect with trowel

Touches of color with Chalk Paint

To add a personalized touch and give more life to your object, you can use a sponge and paint Chalk Paint. First, select one or more paint colors Chalk Paint that complement the tone of the cement effect. Lightly moisten a sponge in the paint and gently apply it to the painted surface.

Once you've finished painting, let the surface dry completely before applying it. Dare to use this cement effect so that your objects have a different touch. Don't forget to upload the result you have obtained to your networks and... tag us so we can see it!