Are you missing some touches to complete the Christmas decoration of your home? We guide you step by step to create a beautiful Christmas centerpiece using natural elements such as dried oranges, branches and other recycled objects. Discover how to make a Christmas centerpiece and you will be able to have the most special table this holiday while decorating with conscience!

Necessary materials:

Step 1: Preparing the Natural Elements

Prepare the necessary materials for your Christmas center

Start by dehydrating the oranges to achieve that rustic touch. Do you know the fastest way to do it? With the microwave! You just have to soak them in salt water for 10 minutes and dry them well. After this, put them in the microwave for 3 minutes at maximum power. If they are still not completely dry, repeat the operation until they have that characteristic appearance. Collect natural branches and pine cones that are in perfect condition.

Step 2 how to make a Christmas centerpiece: Give the special touch with paint

Paint the natural elements of your Christmas centerpiece to give it a very special touch

Let the creativity flow! Use Metallic Paint to paint the dried oranges and the rest of the natural elements that you have chosen. It is extremely easy, give small touches or put the objects in the paint pots. They will add sophistication and modernity to your decoration.

Step 3: Creative Assembly

Assemble the branches of your Christmas center with wire

Start assembling your centerpiece. Tie the branches with wire, distribute the painted oranges harmoniously and glue them with silicone. Add other types of branches for an extra touch.

Add oranges glued with silicone to make it super original

Step 4 how to make a Christmas centerpiece: Center

Use glass bottles to focus the attention of the Christmas centerpiece

The center takes center stage with a glass bottle into which you can add some painted leaves and candles to give a unique and special effect.

Step 5 how to make a Christmas centerpiece: Other decorations

You can use natural elements to make other decorations for your table such as glasses or napkin rings.

Play with your painted objects, there are no limits! Create original decorations with the satisfaction of knowing that no two are the same and that you have made it with your own hands.

Combine your Christmas centerpiece with other decorative elements such as napkin rings

As you create your Christmas masterpiece, reflect on the positive impact choosing natural and recycled items has on the environment. Every detail contributes to reducing waste and promoting more conscious decoration.

This DIY project will not only beautify your home during the holidays, but it will also send a powerful message about the importance of sustainable Christmas decor. By embracing nature and reusing materials, you are contributing to the creation of a world that is more respectful of the planet.