Making your own urban garden at home can be an exciting and rewarding activity. Although the best months to plant are February and March, you can still make your own by growing vegetables that can be planted in summer. Next, we will tell you what you should take into account when setting up your urban garden.

Select the right plants for your urban garden

For this time of year, we recommend planting and growing vegetables that can withstand the hottest months of the year and need a lot of sun.

  • Lettuce: You can plant them in late spring and early summer since they can be harvested after 60 days. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you start with this type of vegetable.
  • Tomatoes: The seeds are planted in spring so that the harvest can be collected in the months of July and August. Of course, they require a little more skill and care than most vegetables since you have to put canes next to each plant at an approximate height of 2 meters to carry the weight of the fruits.
  • Pumpkins: They need a lot of sun to grow so it is advisable to plant it in summer. Of course, if you want to plant pumpkins make sure you have plenty of space.
  • Eggplants: These vegetables also need a lot of sunlight for their growth. Eggplant can grow a lot so it is important to control the space.
  • Peppers: It is planted in summer and the harvest begins between August or September. This vegetable has many types so keep in mind what variety you want when planting it.
  • green beans: You can sow it in spring and summer, so it can be harvested from mid-summer until almost October. It is important to keep in mind that beans need frequent watering.  

Location of your urban garden

It is important to find a space in your home that receives enough sunlight during the day, preferably at least 6 hours of direct light. It can be a balcony, terrace or patio. At the same time, it is important to decide what type of urban garden you want to grow. You can opt for individual pots, planters or raised growing tables.

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