Do you want to do a different activity? We give you the idea of ​​making crafts with fabric paint! From customize camisetace until you make your own bag. Stay and we'll show you how to transform simple fabrics into works of art. To do this, we will show you the wonderful project of Mavi Escalona.

Prepare your material to paint on fabric

The first thing of all is to make sure that the fabric you are going to use is clean and washed. The choice of surface is also important when painting on fabric. Placing the fabric on a firm base, such as wood or cardboard, ensures stability and precision during the painting process. This practice not only makes it easier to control the brush, but also guarantees better paint adhesion, resulting in more durable and professional designs.

crafts with fabric paint

Start creating on fabric: crafts with fabric paint

Once you have the textile fixed, you can start painting with your favorite colors. Remember that our paints are miscible with each other and you can create an infinite number of tones. You can choose between 20 color tones, in addition to having the possibility of choosing fluorine colors or metallic paint to give a spectacular visual effect.

Drying time: How to set the paint

It is important that you let the paint dry. One hour of drying is enough. Once the time has passed, to completely fix the painting on the fabric, you only have to fix it for 5 minutes with a hot iron without steam on the back of the drawing. Don't forget this step because it is very important!

final craft finish with fabric paint

We leave you other examples of the great results that have been obtained with our Opaque Fabric Paint.

different crafts with fabric paint

You can make countless designs, and you can also use our Stencil Templates to facilitate the process.

Now that you know the tips for painting correctly with Opaque Fabric Paint, all you have to do is get to work and start imagining.

Don't forget to capture the entire process and post it on your social networks, mention us so we can see it!