Did you know that drawing provides multiple benefits to mental health and emotional balance? Discover with La Pajarita how this form of artistic expression can positively influence your emotions and psychological well-being. In addition, we teach you step by step how to paint with acrylic.

Canvas project completed with super acrylic

Painting is an experience of self-discovery and creative freedom, it allows you to connect with your intuition and express your feelings, remember that each brush stroke is a reflection of your essence and emotions. Furthermore, drawing renews energy and helps to find greater well-being. So, we advise you to create a calm environment where you can concentrate on art and let your emotions flow.

Drawing on canvas also combats stress and anxiety, since it works as a therapy that contributes to your self-esteem and releases emotional burdens. Keeping your mental health fit and calm is essential, and painting on canvas contributes to this.

By putting yourself in front of a blank canvas, you allow your imagination to begin to fly and express your emotions in a positive and creative way. Designing an illustration will help you connect with yourself and improve your mental well-being. Therefore, we invite you to choose your favorite colors from our wide range of Super Acrylic and start experimenting in front of the canvas.

¿How to paint with acrylic?

1. Preparation of the canvas and materials: Essential steps to paint with acrylic

Before you start painting with acrylic, you must make sure that the canvas be completely clean and dry before starting. Don't forget to have all the materials you are going to use on hand: brushes, acrylic, decorations...

2. Color selection: Tips for choosing colors and combining them

Select the tones Super Acrylic that you like the most and that you will need for your work. If you want to fill it with energy and joy, you can choose soft colors and combine them with more vibrant ones. You can also opt for the same range of shades, this way you will achieve greater calm and serenity.

acrylic yellow color

3. Application of a color base: How to prepare the canvas with acrylic

Apply a base coat of the background color you have chosen, to do this, you can use one of our Brushes, then let it dry completely. It is very important that the drying is done completely to prevent the colors from mixing when drawing on the base.

Paint a canvas with acrylic

4. Draw the design: Techniques to plan your work

Visualize the work you are going to make and what you want to convey through it, and once your canvas is prepared and completely dry, draw your sketch with a pencil. Allow yourself to make mistakes and take your time to capture what you want to convey.
If you are thinking about drawing something that you have already seen before, we recommend that you have a photo in front of you so that we can guide you through it, and thus have a visual reference.

5. Paint the drawing: how to paint with acrylic and get good results

Use soft brushes, such as stencil brush n.02, and begin to give a first layer to your drawing. Add layers little by little until you get the desired texture. Start with the small details, this will make it easier for you to move forward. You can also try different brush stroke techniques.

Making details with acrylic on a canvas

6. Let it dry: Importance of completely drying acrylic paint

Let the canvas dry completely and touch it up where you see it is necessary. If you don't let it dry well, the colors can mix with each other. Additionally, if the paint is not completely dry, even though it may appear that way on the outside, it may be wet on the inside. This can cause it to discolor over time or become sticky. At the end, don't forget to use a brush washer, so you will have them prepared for their next use.

Perfect the canvas with acrylic

Now that you know the benefits of painting and how to make the perfect painting with acrylic, we hope you have been encouraged to try the world of painting with Super Acrylic de La Pajarita. Share your creations with us through our networks and don't forget to relax and enjoy!