Our big launch this year is the range of Epoxy Resin, composed of three different types of resin and accessories to create designs with different finishes. The very high quality of all the products that have characteristics in common stands out: multi-surface, high hardness, pigmentable, with UV filter protection and recyclable and recycled packaging. Discover everything about the new High Thickness Epoxy Resin, Encapsulated Epoxy Resin and High Transparency Epoxy Resin and the complements of our new range of trending products.

High Transparency Epoxy Resin

Beach effect table made with High Transparency Resin

Colorless two-component product (A and B) that we already had in our catalog but now we have improved its formulation. Thanks to its high transparency, this resin can be worked in thin layers and achieves a result of high hardness, gloss and resistance. In addition, it withstands humidity and does not yellow. It is ideal for furniture, flooring projects as well as works of art or crafts.

High Thickness Epoxy Resin

Project made with High Thickness Resin

With this type of resin, high volume jobs can be achieved. It has a high-gloss crystalline finish, bubble-free and non-yellowing. It has chemical resistance and facilitates cleaning, perfect for furniture, objects and floors where high volumes are required.

Encapsulated Epoxy Resin

Project made with Encapsulated Epoxy Resin

Designed to create encapsulation work with a crystalline finish and high gloss. It can be used for silicone molds and small objects and incorporate solid components to create various effects. Its dimensional stability and high Pot-Life stand out, which allows greater freedom in handling the mixture.

Anti-Bubble Spray

Eliminates bubbles that remain on the surface of the epoxy resin once applied, produced during the mixing of the components or during the application itself. 

Pigment kit

Pigments that allow you to create vibrant colors in your epoxy resin projects. Get a translucent or opaque finish depending on the amount added or create your own colors by mixing the pigments. Miscible with each other. 

Coasters and wooden trays 

The customizable wooden coasters and trays of La Pajarita They are composed of a smooth base and a die-cut design to create your own projects with Epoxy Resin, making them easier to carry out. In a simple way, you will be able to bring out all your creativity and decorate your house in a unique and elegant way. Color the Epoxy Resin with pigments to obtain striking tones and the wood with Chalk Paint. 

Silicone mold 

Reusable silicone molds perfect for creating personalized objects with Encapsulated Epoxy Resin. Its high flexibility and soft interior allow easy demolding and an extra-glossy resin finish. 

You already know our new big launch! Are you prepared to carry out original and surprising projects? Get all the products, soon available in craft and paint stores and large stores. Discover the Decocasa line for sale in Leroy Merlin.