Pilar is an animator from Alicante with an incredible imagination.

She combines her work as an entertainer with creating projects on her TikTok or Instagram channels so that the little ones learn to make fun projects using their imagination.


The products he usually uses are jars of Satin Paint, which thanks to their formulation are especially suitable for children's use.

Do you want to know some of Pilar's projects? Here we leave you the two that we liked the most in La Pajarita!

Unicorn pencil holder

In this craft, Pilar teaches us how to create a super cool pencil holder for school or desk.

Necessary materials:

· Bricks (cookies or smoothies)
· Satin Paint Pink y White
· Brush / Brush
· Marker Chalk Paint Marker (almost black color)
· Scissors.
· White glue
· Napkins

Treasure map

Do you want to create your own treasure map?

Grab the following materials and bury your treasure on the Island!

  • Cardboard or paper
  • Satin paint and brushes La Pajarita

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Discover Pilar's work in her profiles Instagram o Tiktok and find more ideas for crafts!