Mural decoration in La Postalera, Valencia

Our friends from La Postalera, a unique store in Valencia, wanted to customize their space in the city of Turia and trusted our range Chroma Color to make the mural that you can see in the video.

La Pajarita and the Postcard

As they tell us on their website, La Postalera moves away from the typical souvenir photos of the city's monuments and focuses on what it is really looking for: originality!

And how were they going to decorate their store in Valencia if not with their great creativity and taste, which they applied to decorate this mural with citrus motifs, so representative of the city and with an impressive finish.

To do this, they used our family of acrylic paints Chroma Color. Thanks to its composition, the paint has perfect extensibility, as we can see in the result.

We leave you the links to their profiles on Instagram and to Estudio Fandi, who managed to summarize the project in this cool video: