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Kit finish glass

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Description Finish Glass It is a colorless and transparent two-component varnish (Component A and Component B) that allows us to achieve crystalline finishes of high hardness and shine. Due to its careful formulation, it is a product that, even with high viscosity, creates perfectly level and bubble-free surfaces with a 3D effect. It can be applied on a multitude of surfaces: wood, paper, cardboard, metal, plaster, ceramic, stone and any painted surface, providing durable and resistant surfaces, capable of withstanding humidity, cleaning stains..., making it ideal to varnish furniture. such as tables and bar counters. In addition, it does not yellow and offers a resistant, but at the same time flexible finish that does not break due to impacts. Uses 1. Crafts with Epoxy Resin on jewelry 2. Epoxy resin on wood 3. Epoxy Resin Dyeing 4. Tables with Epoxy Resin 5. Bar counter varnish or highly used element Application tips 1. It is very important that both components are perfectly mixed, otherwise the product will not harden correctly and may be sticky or have imperfections on its surface. 2. To improve results, it is advisable that the containers containing Finish Glass, are stored at a temperature of 20-23º C before use. 3. When the room where we are working or the containers they contain Finish Glass, are subjected to low temperatures, the viscosity of the mixture becomes higher and, therefore, a greater number of bubbles are formed during stirring and their release also becomes more difficult. Therefore, 5 to 15%, depending on temperature, of “Solvent” can be added. Finish Glass La Pajarita”, which will facilitate the stirring of the mixture and subsequently, the leveling and elimination of bubbles during drying. The greater the amount of solvent incorporated, the longer the drying time will also be. 4. The surface must be dry and free of dust, grease, waxes... 5. The surface to be applied must be well leveled. 6. For good leveling and for a perfect job to result, it is important that we drop enough material to flood the entire surface. 7. Mix only the Finish Glass that is going to be used at the moment, since said mixture will begin to thicken and subsequently harden in about 25 minutes. 8. Make sure that the fluid is well distributed without leaving dry spaces. 9. It is advisable to protect the varnished object while it dries, to prevent dust from settling. 10. The excess amount of discharged Finish Glass It can cause drip problems on the sides of the pieces to be applied. To avoid this, they can be protected with masking tape or acetate paper. With the latter we can also create shapes that serve as a mold on which we will drop Finish Glass and once dry, we will remove the acetate without any problem. 11. One coat is enough, but if you want to apply more than one coat, just clean the surface with alcohol. 12. Woods with open pores, such as oak or walnut, will require a first coat to seal this pore in order to prevent bubbles from forming from the wood. To do this, prepare half of the mixture that would be used to varnish the surface and spread it with a brush or palette. Let it dry for at least 5 hours and reapply the final coat. 13. On fabric or paper it is advisable to seal before applying Finish Glass, with “Varnish Finishes La Pajarita”. 14. You can use Finish Glass with a brush as it comes or reducing with “Solvent Finish Glass La Pajarita” from 5 to 10%. You can brush freely on any type of painted surface such as stains, patinas, glitters without fear of bleeding, without removing the previous paint. 15. It can be used Finish Glass as an adhesive with a total drying time of 8 hours. 16. If scratches are made on a surface varnished with Finish Glass, polish the affected area and if it still cannot be removed, clean the surface with acetone and pour a thin layer again to renew the surface. 17. If an object is left for a long period of time on a varnished surface with Finish Glass, impressions or marks may remain, but these can disappear in a few hours at temperatures of 21-23º C due to its high flexibility. The higher the ambient temperature, the greater the ability to both create and disappear these marks. 18. Finish Glass It resists heat, water and alcohol, however, it is not advisable to apply a heat source directly. 19. It is not recommended for outdoor use.

Kit finish glass

  • Kit to create Epoxy Resin
  • Self leveling
  • Does not yellow
  • No bubbles


0,18 L

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product sheet

  • Brush
  • Brush or pour directly from the container where the mixture has been made
Indicated surfaces
  • Cardboard
  • Ceramics
  • Wood
  • Metal
Technical sheet
  • Capacity: 0,18 L
  • Projects: Decorate my house, Crafts and DIY, Special techniques
  • Complete drying: 12-24 hours
  • Application methods: Brush, brush or poured directly from the container where the mixture has been made
  • Thinner: Solvent Finish Glass
  • Product type: Special techniques
  • Special techniques: EPOXY RESIN - FINISH GLASS
  • Finish: Bright


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