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Superwashable Liquid tl-10 violet

Description Water-based liquid tempera with a matte finish with intense colors that are miscible with each other. It is an ideal paint for school use because it is made with harmless raw materials, specially formulated so that stains can be removed from clothing completely with soap and water. Range of colors with great covering power. Ergonomic and soft container that facilitates use, full use of the product and complete emptying of the container. Uses 1. Introduction to illustration 2. Children's crafts 3. School projects Application tips Tip for proper stain cleaning: 1. Rinse the garment with water only. 2. Rub the stain with soap and water. 3. Put the garment in the washing machine

Superwashable Liquid tl-10 violet

  • Suitable for children's use.
  • Colors miscible with each other.
  • Harmless raw materials.
  • Ergonomic packaging.


0,5 L

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product sheet

  • Airbrush
  • Brush
  • Brush
  • Gun
  • Roller
Indicated surfaces
  • Cardboard
  • Wood
  • Paper
Technical sheet
  • Color: Purple
  • Capacity: 0,5 L
  • Density: 1.187
  • Performance: 8-10 m²/L
  • Cleaning: Soap and water
  • Projects: Educational, Crafts and DIY, Children's projects
  • Dry to the touch: 20 - 30 min
  • Application methods: Airbrush, Brush, Paintbrush, Gun, Roller
  • Thinner: Water
  • Product type: painting
  • Painting: LIQUID TEMPERA
  • Finish: Herb tea


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