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Liquid Polish to water

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Water-based liquid polish, cleans, polishes, shines and protects, renewing and restoring worn or matted surfaces. It allows you to correct small scratches and restore the original shine in just one step.

The components, rigorously chosen, repel dirt and dust, water-repellent painted, lacquered or varnished surfaces, increasing scratch resistance.

It does not contain silicones, so it does not interfere with adhesion and the formation of craters in applications of new layers of lacquer or subsequent enamels.


1. Automobiles and motorcycles, 2. Chrome 3. Nickel-plated, 4. Plastics 5. Glass 6. Epoxy resin 7. Vileda Slates and Slate Paint Marker Pen La Pajarita

Tips for use

1. Clean the surface to remove any abrasive particles and dry it well. We recommend using Aquaclean La Pajarita. 2. Shake and pour a small amount of Polish. 3. With a clean cotton cloth or polisher, apply the product, rubbing with circular movements, insisting more on damaged areas, until the product dries. 4. Once imperfections have been removed, rub with another clean cotton cloth to remove residue and achieve an even shine.

Liquid Polish to water

  • Water Polish
  • Polishes, shines and protects
  • Repels dirt and dust
  • Increases scratch resistance


Where to buy?

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product sheet

  • cotton cloth
  • Polisher
Indicated surfaces
  • Crystal
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Chrome surfaces
Technical sheet
  • Capacity: 0,25 L
  • Cleaning: Water
  • Application methods: Cotton cloth, Polisher
  • Thinner: Water
  • Product type: Special techniques


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