In 2022 we launch a new range of water auxiliaries that take care of the environment

These products are characterized by their water-based formulation, which achieves a significant reduction in solvent emissions (sometimes 0), lower waste production and energy consumption. In addition, they do not contain heavy metals. Likewise, the packaging of these new products is recyclable and made with recycled materials. 

The products have been a success in stores so far and our customers are extremely satisfied with these launches from last year. In La Pajarita We are committed to the environment, always seeking that our products have the least impact and that creativity is a sustainable and nature-friendly hobby. The range of water auxiliaries is made up of:


Aquaclean removes traces of dust and grease that may impair paint adhesion

Cleaner before painting that eliminates traces of grease and dust that may affect the adhesion of the paint. It has the same usefulness as acetone with the advantage that it does not attack surfaces. Also effective for cleaning painting tools (brushes, etc.) even when they have already begun to dry. 

Anti-stain Wood Base 

Protective primer for all types of wood, prevents the appearance of all types of stains

Primer that prevents the appearance of tannins in all types of wood, especially suitable for tropical and hardwoods. Tannins are yellowish stains that appear on certain types of wood after painting and varnishing, spoiling the work done. In addition, it prevents other types of stains from appearing again, such as moisture, nicotine and pen stains, and covers existing ones. 

All-purpose primer  

Prepare any surface for painting

It protects and acts as a support for better adhesion of the paint on any difficult surface (glass, plastic, iron, aluminum, galvanized steel...). Quick drying, very high adhesion and covering power. Also, it protects the effects of rust. 

  colorless wax   

The colorless wax seals and protects the piece, leaving a soft and pleasant touch.

Water-based wax with the same results as solvent-based wax. Creamy consistency, easy application and low odor. Seals and protects, leaving a soft and pleasant touch. It allows you to carry out the shabby or stripping technique with which to achieve a vintage and worn effect on the furniture. In addition, it revives the shine of already painted wood. 

Products with which you will achieve professional results

With these products and your favorite water-based paint such as Chalk Paint You will have the perfect “routine” for a furniture renovation project. Remember that our Chalk Paint does not require surface preparation or wax or varnishing, but if you are looking for extra durability for pieces that will be used a lot, we recommend that you follow these steps.

Liquid Polish 

Water-based liquid polish that cleans, polishes, shines and protects

Cleans, polishes, shines and protects, renewing and restoring worn surfaces with a professional result. It allows you to correct small scratches and restore the original shine in just one step. It is easy to apply and low odor. 

Do you dare to carry out your next project using these products? We want to see it! Share your work with La Pajarita on Social Networks tagging us.