The summer 2024 trends are vibrant and they are already here, and in Pinturas La Pajarita, we want to help you transform your spaces into authentic oases of style. This summer, decoration trends are full of color and elements that we know you are going to love, full of life. Keep reading and discover what we have to tell you!

Inspiration from nature

inspiration nature trends summer 2024

This summer, be inspired by tones of nature, they will transport you to an environment full of serenity and freshness. Dare with green tones like Bamboo Green, with ocean blues like the Pacific Island or even yellow to transmit the warmth of the sun like the Sahara Ocher. To complete this Mediterranean style you can add natural wood or carved wicker furniture.  

The summer 2024 trend is also pastel tones

pastel tones trends summer 2024

If you like to fill your spaces with colors, this summer 2024 trend is for you. Pastel tones are soft and sweet, the perfect choice to create cozy environments in your home. You can match the color Peach, trend color of the year, with some bluish tone, for example Crystal Blue. You can complete your space with furniture with soft lines and white details that add light and spaciousness to the space. Pastel tones are the perfect option to create spaces full of charm.

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean decoration trends summer 2024

If you enjoy coastal landscapes, opt for white tones, such as White Cloud, can be ideal for creating an effect that reflects sunlight. This will add warmth to your space and take you back to sunny days at the beach. Add touches of deep blue, such as Horizon Blue, in decorative accessories such as cushions or chairs to enhance the marine sensation. You can also incorporate wicker elements that evoke the charm of the sea.

Tell us what your favorite summer 2024 trends are and get going to decorate and transform your home with a summer touch. Capture all the changes you make, enjoy the process and don't forget to upload it on your social networks and mention us so we can see your wonderful results.