Painting the walls of your home can become a nightmare if it is not planned and executed correctly. We will provide you with valuable wall painting tips that will help you achieve professional, long-lasting results.

Preparation is key

Before you start painting, make sure you properly prepare the surface. Clean walls of dust, dirt and grease. We recommend our water-based cleaner Aquaclean. Fill holes and cracks with putty and sand any imperfections for a smooth base. Cover window frames, doors and baseboards with masking tape to prevent accidental stains.

Tips for painting walls: Choosing the right paint

Select the most suitable type of paint for your walls, depending on whether they are interior or exterior. Also, consider the finish you want: matte, satin or gloss. You will love our Chalk Paint for sale walls in Leroy Merlin. With an extra-matte finish and good adhesion, it is easy to apply.

Chalk Paint for walls La Pajarita

Use the right tools

To achieve a professional finish, invest in quality tools. A high-density paint roller and a pallet Good quality will allow you to apply the paint evenly. He also considers using a paint tray and roller extension, which will make working on tall walls easier.

Tips for painting walls: Apply the proper technique

When painting, start with the corners and edges with the palette, and then fill in the rest with the roller. Apply the paint in even layers, avoiding overloading the roller. If necessary, apply a second coat once the first is completely dry.

Apply the proper technique

Take care of drying times

Respect the drying times recommended by the manufacturer between coats. This will ensure a perfect finish and prevent the paint from ruining. Be sure to paint in a well-ventilated environment to help the paint dry faster.

By following these tips for painting the walls at home, you will achieve a professional result and you will feel satisfied with the work done. Proper preparation, choosing the right paint, using quality tools and applying proper techniques are essential to obtaining a long-lasting, flawless-looking finish. Dare to renew the spaces in your home!