It's getting closer to the time of year to celebrate love, and what better way to do it than with creative handmade projects! Join us to discover these crafts full of love and charm to do with your partner or on your own this upcoming Valentine's Day and turn it into an even more special occasion.


Personalized canvases for couples

Why not create a unique canvas that celebrates your love story? You will need 2 blank canvases, paintbrushes, and a vibrant color palette like the ones in Satin Paint. Together you can paint a design that represents your relationship: from your first date to your most memorable moments.

This canvas art project is more than just painting; is a creative collaboration that captures the essence of their love story. Start by choosing colors that reflect the special moments you've shared together. Do you remember the color of the sky on your first date? Or the nuance of the landscape on that unforgettable trip? You can use those colors as a base.

You can divide the canvas into sections, assigning each the task of depicting a single chapter of your relationship. Maybe one of you paints the first meeting, while the other is in charge of depicting the shared achievements. Let the creativity flow and let your individual styles represent the fusion of the two worlds.

Valentine's Day Ideas: illuminated jars

valentine lamps

Transforming simple glass jars into romantic lamps is a charming project that will illuminate your space with warmth and love. Start by painting the jars with soft, pastel colors, like those in the range Chalk Paint, to harmonize the romantic atmosphere you want to achieve. You can punch small papers with heart-shaped holes in the jars, so that the light filters in a special way.

You can introduce LED lights inside the jars. Place them in strategic locations around the house to create a romantic and cozy atmosphere. You can leave these lamps as a permanent decoration in your home, maintaining this romantic touch throughout the year!

Handmade Valentine's Day Candle Holder

Don't you know how to give a romantic touch to your environment this coming Valentine's Day? We propose another special and easy-to-carry out project to illuminate the spaces in your home or on your romantic date.

You will need modeling or quick-drying paste, Satin Paint, Relief Contour y Polymeric Paste Varnish. Start by creating the shape of the candle holder, you can help yourself with a kitchen rolling pin. With a small spatula create romantic phrases on the candle holder.

Once you have the shape of your Valentine's crafts created, paint them and decorate them with colors like Carmine o Vermilion and with Relief Contour. Finally, cover the project in Polymer Paste Varnish to obtain a shiny result.

Romantic Picnic Kit

valentine crafts

Prepare a complete kit for a romantic dinner at home. Paint and decorate a wooden box, you can use Chalk Paint in tones like Pink Caprice, Boho Strawberry or White Cloud. Inside you can add candles, personalized napkins or handmade menu cards and a whole picnic prepared with drinks and snacks to share together. It will be a lovely gift and a memorable experience.

Personalize a Tote bag for Valentine's Day

Adding a personalized touch to your accessories can be a fun and rewarding experience. This time, we invite you to bring your creativity to a tote bag, perfect for transporting love everywhere!

To do this, you will need a tote bag, Opaque Textile paint, paintbrushes, cardboard to protect the fabric so that the paint does not bleed through, and plastic to protect the work area.

You can decorate it following the steps of @maria6dolores and use paper cardboard as stamps to help you design hearts. Also don't forget to add details using Textile Contour to add initials or names.

We hope these Valentine's Day craft tips give you inspiration to create projects with your partner or yourself this coming February. Don't forget to share your creativity with us on our networks!