Installing a wooden frieze on the wall is an easy and economical option to add a cozy and rustic touch to any space in your home. If you are looking for a way to transform your walls and give them a unique look, look no further! We will show you how to make a wooden frieze on the wall in a simple way and with professional results. Let's do it!

One option to cover your wall is to put a wooden frieze

Step 1: Necessary materials

Before starting, it is essential to plan the project. Decide what type of wood you will use, the amount needed, and whether you prefer a vertical or horizontal frieze. Remember to properly measure the wall surface. It is very important that the surface is completely clean, we recommend Aquaclean to remove traces of dust and dirt. Additionally, you will need silicone or screws to fix the wood to the wall. If you decide to paint your frieze, choose the paint and color that best suits your style. On the other hand, remember that the most common wood for this type of use is natural pine wood, which has a tendency to the appearance of tannins. To avoid this, we also recommend applying our Anti-stain base.

Step 2 Wooden Frieze: Installation

We recommend purchasing the slats already cut to the size you need to make your work easier on the day of installation. In large areas such as Leroy Merlin o Bauhaus They have wood cutting service. Once you have it, mark the areas where you are going to place them on the wall. You can fix them in different ways but we recommend that you use a mounting adhesive such as silicone since you will avoid the work of drilling holes in the wall. Make sure to level each piece for a perfect finish.

Step 3: Painted

Although we really like the natural finish, we can't resist giving color to a wooden frieze with one of our paints. Remember to choose the range based on the finish: Chalk Paint If you like the ultra matte finish, Matt Paint If you opt for mate, Eggshell It is slightly satin and gloss Paint glow. We like the ultra matte finish for wooden friezes, remember that Chalk Paint It has a range of 43 colors.

Before painting, remember to clean the wood well and don't forget to use the Anti-Stain Base if you opt for a wood that is prone to the appearance of tannins.

Step 4: Wooden frieze maintenance

Our Chalk Paint It does not require using a finishing product but if you want extra protection, you can apply any of our water-based varnishes or waxes.

Now that you've learned how to make a wooden wall frieze, you're ready to embark on this exciting DIY project. Wooden wainscoting not only adds warmth and charm to any space, but also offers practical benefits, such as additional protection for your walls and greater durability compared to other materials.

An option for a headboard is a natural wood frieze.
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